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Pijama algodón orgánico 100%, Laguna


Conjunto de pijama ecológico confeccionado de 100% algodón orgánico, para hombre. Muy suave y confortable, ideal para verano. Con certificado GOTS.

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Ecological organic cotton pajamas for men

Ecological clothing for men, with GOTS certificate

Ecological short-sleeved pajamas for men made of 100% high-quality organic cotton.

The cotton in these organic pajamas for men is grown without pesticides or pesticides. No chemicals are added during the production process. The dyes are free of heavy metals. That is why it is an ideal garment for the most sensitive skin.

El tejido de este pijama ecológico 100% algodón orgánico es fino y muy agradable para la piel, ideal para primavera y verano. El pantalón es turquesa claro tirando a verde menta y la camiseta sigue el mismo tono en sus rayas horizontales combinando con color blanco y azul oscuro.

This sustainable pajamas is our top seller. It is a very soft pajamas for the skin and very comfortable. The fine fabric works like a second skin. Our clients even repeat us.

Wear ecological clothing to take care of the environment, the people who have made it possible and your skin. It is a fair trade garment and is GOTS certified.

Sustainable fashion for men with style and ethical and environmental awareness. Transform your closet into a happy place :)
Washing: 30-40ºC. It is advisable to avoid dryer.

The best way to ensure that your sleep is comfortable and uninterrupted is to make sure that the pajamas you wear are made from the best natural fiber. The clothes we wear to sleep have a great impact on sleep, so it is necessary to pamper yourself with the best ecological pajamas. Today cotton is considered the most popular and comfortable sleepwear fabric choice as people become more and more aware of the importance of a good night's sleep. 

But, what are the benefits of organic cotton or natural cotton at bedtime?

1. Best quality: Organic cotton provides a very high quality fabric and one of the main reasons for achieving this is thanks to the method with which the crop is collected. An organic farmer harvests the cotton by hand without the use of harsh additives. During the spinning process no toxic substances are used and the entire production chain is cared for. This gives a more pure and natural product. 

2. Breathability: Organic cotton is a natural and pure fiber, it makes the fabric very breathable. When we fall asleep, our body temperature changes and organic cotton regulates our temperature. using organic cotton there are no sticky or sweaty wake ups. Cotton has the quality of absorbing body heat throughout the night, allowing us to feel cool and dry. As cotton makes us feel cooler during summers, it makes us feel warmer during winters.

3. Durability: The 100% organic cotton pajamas are not only durable, but also biodegradable and produced using sustainable methods. Lifespan is important to consider when choosing sleepwear, and pure natural cotton can last about twice as long as any synthetic alternative, so they don't need to be replaced often. Buying 100% organic cotton pajamas not only benefits your quality of sleep, but can also save you money in the long run. 

4. Softness and comfort: The degree of softness of the fabric depends on the way the cotton is woven. Organic cotton is softer than conventional cotton. By not using any chemical procedure in the garment, a fabric that is more pleasant to the touch is obtained, ideal for the most sensitive and delicate skin, such as allergic skin, atopic skin, Multiple Chemical Syndrome or Electrosensitivity.


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