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Braga 100% algodón orgánico, alta


Braga 100% algodón orgánico. Alta de cintura. Ideal para la piel atópica, piel sensible, Síndrome Químico Múltiple y Electrosensibilidad. Tacto agradable.

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Términos y condiciones
Garantía de devolución de 30 días
Envío: 2-3 días laborales

Bragas 100% algodón orgánico para piel sensible

Esta braga ecológica 100% algodón orgánico para mujeres que buscan máxima pureza. Es tu braga de algodón ideal si necesitas cuidar tu piel y al mismo tiempo sentirte cómoda protegiendo las zonas más intimas de tu cuerpo. 

Organic cotton is perfect for protecting the most intimate and delicate areas of our body because it breathes and prevents the appearance of fungi. This is why it is so important that the underwear be made of cotton and if it is organic cotton, much better, because it is free of pesticides and chemical products. In addition, the dyes are free of heavy metals.

These sustainable panties have a high waist, and since they are made of 100% organic cotton, their touch is very pleasant, sweet and soft. Organic cotton is even softer than conventional cotton. Having this natural fiber in contact with your body makes it work like your second skin, taking maximum care of it.

El color crudo de esta braga de algodón no contiene tintes, es el color original del algodón, por lo tanto es la braga más pura.

In addition, by wearing ecological clothing or sustainable fashion, you contribute your grain of sand to a better world because its processes are respectful of the environment and the people who have made this 100% organic cotton ecological panty possible have made it under fair working conditions, with regulated hours and wages.

Its GOTS certificate endorses everything mentioned.

Washing: 30-40ºC. Avoid dryer.

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These 100% organic cotton briefs are larger than the usual Spanish size. Discover your size through the size guide below. 

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Color Blanco o Crudo o Burdeos o Negro
Talla 36 o 38 o 40 o 42 o 44 o 46